This Next Rare Burger Is Not As Rare As You May Have Thought

You’ll be surprised where this next meaty burger is being sourced from. And it could just as easily be explained why this is a rare taste. It’s a lot tastier than your average diner or takeout burger. And it’s healthier as well. The reason why these rare burgers are rare in taste and healthier than all the others is because they are bison burgers. You are surprised? That is understandable because many of you reading this right now may have believed that the magnificent bison was an endangered species.

You are, of course, quite correct in your summation. That was the case before, but this is the now, and it is looking very bright indeed, particularly for nature conservationists and all lovers of your flora and fauna. The magnificent bison beast, an important part of America’s heritage, is enjoying a great revival. The numbers are up and they are roaming vast green plains just like they used to in the old days. So, that being said, they are not as rare as you would have thought.

The meat that is harvested, however, may still be rare. But it should not be too long before you and your loyal customers acquire the taste for this venison. Not only does it taste superb, it’s also very good for heart and health. That’s because the meat from the bison is harvested organically, meaning that no chemical preservatives or harmful bacteria are included. The meat is also surprisingly low in fat. This is surprising given the size of these magnificent beasts.

Surprise your loyal patrons with a rare cut or two, yes; you can have your steak as well, serving it up with a fresh green salad or hearty serving of warm vegetables.