Being prepared for a locksmith situation

When I locked my keys in my car in the middle of the summer heat, I knew that I needed a locksmith who could come to my car and get me back on the road as quickly as possible.  There are definitely a whole bunch of options when it comes to finding a Locksmith DC, but being that I was in a hurry and did not want to have to sit outside and wait for a long time, I decided to just run a quick google search in order to get someone out to me as quickly as I possibly could.  Unfortunately, the locksmith that I found took a long time to reach me, and I ended up missing an important appointment because of that.  It was in that moment that I decided that I needed to research all of the locksmiths in the DC area in order to make sure that I never went through such a thing again.

After looking at a whole lot of reviews of many of the locksmiths in DC, I found one that seemed to have the quickest response time of all of the rest of them.  I decided to save the number of this locksmith so that I would always have them available and would not be stuck running an internet search in order to find the first locksmith that I could.  Of course, when I locked my keys in the car the next time, these guys got someone out to me very quickly, and I did not miss anything that I had scheduled for the day.

My only wish is that I had decided to have a locksmith’s number on my phone saved earlier, as I would not have missed the appointment that I missed that first time.